How To Control Patterns In Photography?

The refreshingly new viewpoints that travel often provides may reveal scenes or details that appear isolated from their immediate surroundings. This might be due to the way the light falls or may be because of an object's texture, or a combination of both these elements. Such images need not be confined to a documentary record of place but can be used to startling creative effect.

How to control the patterns in a photograph? Examine the patterns created by an object or group of objects; often when such objects or scenes are carefully framed they form an interesting composition. Sometimes the pictures have a very abstract appearance or they may need careful viewing to see exactly what they are.

It is important to examine all the possibilities of a scene before taking the shot.

Would it look best if framed symmetrically?

Do the lines of perspective increase or decrease with the chosen viewpoint? If so, which is best?

Is texture an important part of the picture? If so, does the light need to come from the back or the side to emphasize the texture?

Would going in close help to achieve the effect better than being positioned further back?

Would using a wide angle lens or a fisheye lens create a more interesting or subtle effect? This can be especially striking when looking up at the ceiling of a building, for instance, particularly if all the horizontal and vertical lines have been carefully aligned.

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