How To Photograph Flora During Travel?

Flora or plants are part of the most commonly photographed items during travel. The striking color of the flowers, the texture on the plants can bring wonderful results in a photo. All plants look their best at a certain time of year. If any plant is of particular interest, check when it is in season, especially if you have to travel any distance to photography it.

How to take photo of flower and plant? Original effects can be created by isolating one plant in a mass of others, perhaps using the shallow depth of field afforded by a telephoto lens. There are other opportunities for unusual viewpoints; for instance a plant or group of flowers, or even trees in the foreground of a scene adds interest in its own right and can also mask an unwanted object that would otherwise spoilt the picture.

Close Ups Photography of Flowers

If you are taking close-ups photography of flowers, depth of field will be very small, especially if you are using extension rings or bellows. You will therefore need to stop down as much as possible, and to use a long exposure. If there is even the slightest breeze the plant will have to be sheltered from it, or it will sway and blur the picture.

Lighting can also be a problem when working so close. If you are using available daylight you must take care not to cast a shadow from yourself or your equipment. A ring flash could be a useful accessory. This gives powerful but almost shadowless illumination. The flash tube forms a complete ring around the lens. Units for 35 mm cameras are quite compact and do not weigh very much.

A tripod is essential because of the length of exposures.

Details of trees and other plants are also excellent subjects for close-up shots. The texture of bark can be fascinating, and different shots can be mounted together to make a striking collage.

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