How To Take Photo Of Fauna During Travel?

One of the most demanding areas of photography is that of wild or semi-wild animals. Patience is required, and a certain amount of forward planning is useful if not essential. Despite the arduous nature of this area, the rewards can certainly make it worthwhile. While most people do not have the opportunity to travel to the region’s best suited to photography of big game or endangered species, many may live within reach of a farm or a safari or wildlife park. Safari parks have many exotic animals and with some peaceful species such as the zebra or giraffe it is sometimes possible to leave the vehicle and stand in the same area to take the shot with a medium telephoto lens of 100-200mm. Below are some tips for how to photograph wild animals.

Photographing wild animals

• Spend some time observing the behavior of the animal; watch to see whether it is easily startled, or whether it appears to move in a constant direction.

• Try to select a viewpoint with an interesting background without unsightly fences or buildings.

• Be patient. Calling or gesturing to an animal will probably cause it to run in the opposite direction. Upsetting wild animals can also be dangerous; however docile they may seem it is important to remember that they are wild. It is best to avoid annoying both the animal and the farmer or ranger.

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