How To Take Photo Of Still Life During Travel?

Travel often has the effect of making us more visually alert. Many things in our day-to-day lives may pass us by without us giving them a second glance.

However, a new environment provides visual stimuli; to the photographer these stimuli provide a new awareness of photographic possibilities. Many items around us may not be very interesting in themselves, but gathered together in a collection, perhaps as a grouping of souvenirs from a particular place and photographed in an attractive way, a still life picture is created.

How to do good still life photography? Still life arrangements have inspired painters throughout time and the same inspiration provides photographer with numerous creative opportunities. It is a useful discipline to look closely at, and arrange and light a group of inanimate object. Sometimes these arrangements already exist and all that is required is to see the potential for an attractive shot.



Should the arrangement be lit with camera flash or is there enough available light?

Examine the available light for any creative elements: does a shaft of light fall at just the right angle?

Which angle would look best for the shot? Imagine the arrangement in the centre of a circle. Stand a certain distance from the objects and walk around them slowly, stopping at regular intervals. Every pause provides a new visual angle and a different shot.

Which viewpoint? Consider the arrangement from eye level, as well as from above and from below.

Every visual angle provides a different background: which one is most suitable and complements the objects most effectively?

Consider the depth of field: should the background be sharp or blurred?

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