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Special care must be taken when photographing seascapes as misleading exposure meter readings can occur. In an environment with so many reflective surfaces the meter can be fooled into measuring the scene as brighter than it is. This can lead to underexposure and disappointing results. There are techniques for seascapes photoTo overcome this problem takes a meter reading close up of some mid tone detail.

If the camera is one with built in auto exposure but no manual override, first decide on the composition. Then point the camera to an area of mid tone detail such as grey rock. Depress the shutter release button half way; this will activate the meter and the camera will record the reading. Keeping the shutter depressed in this position, move the camera back to the scene of the original composition. Now gently depress the shutter release button fully and take the picture. To take a similar picture from a slightly different viewpoint, you will have to repeat the process for each shot.

Some cameras with a built in auto exposure meter have a special mark on the shutter ring labeled AEL, or auto exposure lock, for taking readings like this. Its action is similar to semi depressing the shutter release button.

Special equipment for seascape shots

  1. Lens hood this should be fitted at all times, whether or not beside the sea, but is particularly important in cutting down any unwanted reflections which may flare on the lens.

  2. Polarizing filter this make the blue colors of the sky much richer and enhances the clarity of any small white clouds. The filter will also change the reflective nature of the surface of the sea.

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