Travel Landscape - Black and White

Often a black and white photograph of a landscape or seascape can be far more evocative and dramatic than one taken in color.

How to take good black and white photos during travel? One important thing to remember is that some detail, for instance in a cloudy sky, can become flat and grey if a filter is not used. To make white puffy clouds stand out against the sky use a yellow filter. For even greater drama use a red one, which will turn the sky very dark.

In color photography there is contrast between different colors as well as different tones. The essence of a good black and white picture is its tonal range. This does not mean that there have to be extremes of white at one end and black at the other. That would be a high contrast print, and it might be interesting; but it is the subtlety of gradations of tone that make a rich print. 100 ISO or less, will give better shadow detail than faster ISO, and will allow far bigger enlargements to be made.

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