Travel Landscape - General Composition

The main subject matter of photographs taken while travelling will probably be landscapes. In landscape photography it is very important to take care with composition to avoid producing dull shots, for example of a lot of sky with only a thin strip of land. A common place image can be transformed very simply by paying attention to shadow, color and detail, all of which are paramount in producing good landscape shots.

Varying a landscape shot

  • Rotate the camera slightly to one side; this may cut out unwanted scenery or bring in an added point of interest.

  • Move the camera from a horizontal to a vertical position; sometimes the smallest of movements which does not even involve moving your feet can have dramatic effect.

  • Try isolating a portion of the landscape against a backdrop from a different part of the image; this can emphasize scale or make a coloured filed, for example, stand out from surrounding pastures.

  • Notice the position of any trees; a single isolated tree or a group of trees apart from a wood or forest can be used as a device for leading the eye into the scene. Tractor furrows or a meandering stream or river have a similar effect.

  • An object in one corner of the picture adds to the composition; be careful that there is enough variety in a sequence of shots do not always place an object in the same corner or the series may look dull.

More information on travel photography

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