Travel Landscape - Waterways

Photographing lake, rivers, streams or canals offer an entirely different variety of photographic opportunities from those found by the sea and in coastal region. The surrounding areas are often reflected in the surface of the water, adding an extra dimension to the shot and reproducing what is often the most spectacular scenery twice over.

The same problems of measuring exposure encountered when taking seascapes also apply to pictures of large stretches of fresh or inland water; the exposure metering system may judge light as being bright than it is because of the light coming from the expanse of reflective water. As with sea shots, compensation must be made for this in order to avoid underexposure and ruined pictures.

Take care when choosing a viewpoint for water photography. Make sure the surface, especially of rivers or canals, is free of factory effluent, waste products and debris, unless this is the detail to be highlighted.

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