Travel Landscape - Weather

There is no such thing as perfect weather for photography. Of course, photographing people on a beach holiday in the pouring rain may present a few difficulties, but many inclement weather situations are in fact the basis for original and dramatic photographs. Overcast skies can be used to advantage and reveal more about the immediate environment than if the sun were shining on a clear day. Rain can be evocative, portraying isolation and stormy conditions. Wintry, and especially snow-covered views provide good, clear images; theses are best shot in sunshine to obtain the best view of the shadows cast on crisp snow an effect which is lost if the sky is heavy.

Predicting where the light will fall is important; try to look at a map to gauge where the sun will shine strongly and rise and set. Make sure the camera is in position at the right time to get the full effect of quality of light required, particularly if unusual weather conditions produce dramatic cloud formations.

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