Travel Photography Holiday Checklist

  • How long have the batteries been in the camera? Do they need replacing? Make sure spares are packed; it is still difficult to find certain types of battery in some countries. If the camera uses rechargeable batteries, be sure to pack the charger, together with an international plug converter.

  • Take one or two zoom lenses, these will cover most of the focal lengths required and will save on the weight and space that a number of prime lenses would take up.

  • Two camera bodies will mean faster work as the time taken to change lenses will be reduced; one camera could be fitted with a 28-80mm lens and the other with a 100-300mm lens.

  • Think about taking one or two filters; an 81A will help add a little warmth to the pictures, while a polarizing filter will enhance the quality of the sky and sea while also cutting down on or eliminating unwanted reflections. A graduated neutral density filter will help balance the areas of the picture that require different exposures, for instance a bright sky above a dark landscape.

  • A flash gun is useful in cases where the light is low as well as in bright sun as fill in light. As with the camera, make sure the batteries are fresh and that a spare supply is packed.

  • A small portable reflector is an asset, especially for portraits.

  • It is worth taking a tripod, together with a cable release. If the tripod is too bulky, consider a monopod instead.

  • Lens cleaning tissue and a blower brush are essential, especially in sandy or dusty locations. Wrap the camera in a plastic bag to protect it from dust or sand particles, and as a general measure against the effects of the environment and extreme weather conditions.

  • A camera case to hold all this equipment is extremely useful; when travelling by air and not keeping the case as hand luggage, it is best to have hard aluminums case for maximum protection.

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