What Are The Tips For Photographing Events During Travel?

All over the world events take place which are worth a special journey, such as The Carnival in Brazil, the largest street festival in Europe. People flock from far afield to see the parade, dance and share the street parties. Some come for that reason alone, others as part of a wider tour of the city or the country. Below are some of the tips for taking good events photo.


  • If you decide to make an event the high point of your trip, a little planning avoid disappointment. Make sure you arrive at the right time: this may sound obvious, but events do not always happen on the same date each year, especially if they are associated with a movable festival such as Easter (which also happens on a later date for the Orthodox Church).


  • At huge and varied events, it is difficult to get just one picture that says everything. That is not to say that you should not look out for such a shot. A better approach might be to shoot as much as you possibly can, and to assemble these pictures as a montage on a particular theme, or a diary of events. Themes could be faces, floats, costumes, food, or the onlookers themselves. Many events last for several days, so you will have plenty of time to get all your shots.


  • Events such as the Carnival are also a magnet for pickpockets. If you are carrying a case for accessories keep it properly secured at all times. Be alert for children who beg you to take their picture. It sometimes times happens that; while you are concentrating on the shot, one of their colleague is lifting your valuables.


  • When you are photographing an event you need to consider how many different things are happening. Sometimes there is so much diversity that you are spoilt for choice. In other instances the focus of interest may be narrow, and you will need to shoot from as many viewpoints as possible to give an informative account of the occasion.


  • It is always helpful to try to reconnoiter the place beforehand. Once the event begins you may not be able to move about easily, especially if you are burdened with a camera case and a tripod. In such a situation, try to pick a spot that will give you a good view of the main action. Also find out when the event is to begin, so that you can be there in plenty of time to get a good position at the front of the crowd.

  • If you cannot get a commanding view, try to take a small, lightweight set of steps. Not only will you be able to see over people’s heads, you may also get an unusual angle on the precedings.

  • Also try to work out beforehand which will be the key shots that you simply must have. You could make a list just in case, in the heat of the moments, you forget what you meant to do. This may seem obsessive, but hardly anyone makes a movie without a script.


  • Have a range of lenses, or if possible two camera bodies with zoom lenses – one could be 28-80mm, the other 100-300mm. in this way you will be able to work quickly with the minimum of weight. A monopod will help you to brace the camera. This is especially important if the weather is dull so that a long exposure is needed.

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