How to make photo essay?

  • A photo essay is not necessarily a group of pictures that tell a story, it can also be a group of related images that revel different aspects of a subject or theme. The purpose of the essay is that the images taken as a whole provide the viewer more information than any single picture can do on its own.

  • To make a successful photo essay the photographer must have sufficient understanding of the subject to portray more than merely its superficial qualities. This requires time as well as making a lot of exposures. Each picture in an essay should be more than just technically good; it must also show an interesting aspect of the subject and relate to the overall tone. A good photo essay should have at least one outstanding photograph, strong enough to stand on its own, which ties the whole essay together.

  • I feel that producing a picture essay is one of the more challenging assignments in photography. One can portray a feeling such as the serenity of life in the country, or convey one’s impression of a single building or a whole city. The range of subjects is limitless.

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