How to take good photo during travel?

  • People tend to take most of their pictures while on vacation. It's quite natural to want visual reminders of all the interesting places one has visited. Holiday photography, in addition to making a record of a trip, usually affords an excellent opportunity for improving technique, developing the eye for better composition, and experimenting with equipment.

  • My advice is to travel as light as you can. If you load yourself down with a lot of equipment, you may find yourself more concerned with choosing the right lens than with taking a good picture.

  • Nearly every situation can be covered with three lenses : a normal lens for general coverage, a wide-angle lens when you are working in confined spaces, and a telephoto for shots when it's impossible to get right up to the main subject. A tripod or monopod is helpful for dimly lit interiors like churches or houses, and for night photography. If your mission is to shoot wild animals from a distance, you will need a long telephoto lens ( 200 to 500 mm ).

  • One mistake I see people make everywhere I go happens when the photographer wants a picture of his family in front of some famous landmark. Invariably one or more subjects are placed next to the monument, or whatever, while the photographer moves far enough away to fit the whole scene into the frame. The resulting photograph will usually show, at best, a barely recognizable tiny person in front of the overwhelming background. My advice is to position the subject fairly close to the camera, with head and shoulders in the frame, and the landmark, possibly out of focus, in the background.

  • I enjoy photographing people on my vacations, and find that the best way to catch them in their natural behavior is to be unobtrusive and to blend in with the background as much as possible. At the same time one must always be alert and try to anticipate some interesting action so you are ready for those fleeting moments that happen only once.

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