How to take photo of animals?

  • I have photographed many different types of animals and birds, most of them in the wild. Of the two, birds are by far the more difficult to take.

  • Wildlife photography demands the greatest amount of patience. Since there is no way you can ask wild animals to do what you want, you must be familiar with their natural habits and work around them. I was once in the Florida Everglades waiting to photograph some interesting birds in flight. My camera and 400-mm lens were mounted on a tripod. First I had to wait about four hours for a bird to appear.

  • Then I focused the camera and took one not very interesting picture of the great white heron. The shot I wanted to get was of the bird as it started to fly away; instead it sat there for almost two hours. I became hypnotized as I waited with the cable release in my hand. Suddenly the heron did take off and I was able to get a picture, but only one. Fortunately, it was a good picture, so my expedition was not in vain.

  • Anyone serious about wildlife photography will need a long telephoto lens with a focal length of between 200 and 500 millimeters. Such a lens allows you to get a good-sized image of the subject from a respectable distance.

  • For pictures of wildlife one need not, of course, travel farther than the local zoo. As more and more zoos are abandoning the iron-cage concept and setting up natural habitats, quite natural-looking photographs can be made without a lot of elaborate equipment.

  • Animal behavior is unpredictable, and frequent failures should be expected, but this makes an outstanding photograph all the more rewarding. With pets the task is somewhat easier, but only if the pet is yours or a friend's, and wouldn't take off and hide under the bed as soon as it sees a stranger. This is truer of cats than dogs. In any case, keep the camera and yourself, too, as inconspicuous as possible.

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