How to take photo of nature?

  • Whether on a beach or in the woods, one will find a wealth of shapes, patterns, and colors from which to choose: the jewel-like quality of a flower, leaf, or seashell. In short, keep your eyes open and explore.

  • One can make successful nature photographs with virtually any lens. There is plenty of time to search out the best camera angles and to carefully compose the picture. I generally limit myself to one lens, such as the 50 mm, because I am then free to concentrate on the subject, not on equipment.

  • A DSLR with a macro lens is ideal for extreme close-ups and opens up a whole new realm of photographic possibilities. With this type of lens I am able to focus from infinity right down to a distance of four inches. Minute details of a flower or leaf can be captured on film and shared with others. Similar magnifications can be obtained more economically through the use of close-up lenses that attach to the front of the lens like a filter. Extension tubes provide better resolution than close-up lenses but require an increase in exposure.

  • By studying nature you can learn so much about color and design that your own sense of pattern and composition is bound to develop and, in time, help you take better pictures.

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