Taking landscape photo

  • I believe that there are few photographers in the world who don't like to photograph landscapes. Many beginners, and nature lovers especially, start out by thinking of little else but recording the wonders of unspoiled scenery.

  • Getting a really good photograph of any subject is never as simple as it would seem by looking at the final picture. Merely finding an interesting landscape, pointing your camera, and shooting isn't enough. The result will nearly always be disappointing. One way or another, you must find a way of emphasizing the particular feature that made you want to take the picture in the first place. It may be a dramatic cloud formation, unusual colors, shadow patterns, or possibly a feeling of height or of space.

  • Emphasizing a specific aspect of the scene is likely to increase your percentage of successful photographs. The way different photographers do this sometimes becomes their hallmark.

  • I find both the 35- and 28-mm lenses very well suited for landscape photography. I occasionally use a polarizing filter either to eliminate unwanted reflections or, for instance, to darken a blue sky and thereby emphasize cloud formations.

  • A photograph of the same scene taken at different times of day, not to mention times of year, will produce quite different results. As a rule, I try to avoid photographing at midday because then the lighting is at its flattest. When you are traveling and time is limited, you have to take things as you find them, but if I am given a choice, my preference lies in the early morning or late afternoon, when the sun casts longer shadows and a warm glow permeates the entire scene.

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