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The Basic of Camera Photography

Digital camera has been increasingly popular in the world. It is getting cheaper, easily available and with more variety of selection. The functions of the cameras also become more user specific, some of it getting much user friendly while the others packed with functions and features that were never seen before; some of it getting more slimmer and smaller for ease to travel around whereas the others has getting bigger with unbelievable size of lens.

As we seen the era of film cameras starting to phase out and digital camera taking over, we also seeing ourselves expose to cameras in our daily life. Camera embedded in hand phones, cameras in lap tops, etc. Yet, unfortunately, many of our first photo takes are usually not so satisfying to look at. Face was too blur to be recognizable, background was too bright, the person was too dark in the picture, or the subject was not even caught in the picture.

The information provided in this website is mainly to share the knowledge and concept of digital cameras. With better understanding, the information provided here will guide you with the steps to take good picture

Whether it is a slimy point and shoot camera or the bulky DSLR cameras, we will take a look into all the equipment that is related to digital cameras including the camera itself, the camera lens, the flash, batteries, dry box, camera bags, etc. The idea is to understand more on the concepts and functions of these camera equipments and even more importantly is how to utilize it better to capture good photos.

Owning a good camera does not guarantee a great photos. It is about how to use it in a correct way. The information provided here will give the new camera user a better control of the camera. It is no longer just point and shoot. Understand how all the features of the camera works, this includes the shuttle speed, aperture, metering, focusing, white balance, ISO, etc. With a few touch here and there and you might turn normal photos into a wallpaper quality.

Another things to take note on is the composition of the photos. Taking a good photos is an art, you have to know how to pose and where to stand. Photos does not shows how a breathtaking scenery looks like, but with proper setting on the camera, we will get it as close as possible.

Different scenery requires different setting, different environment requires different setting and even different subject requires different setting. Birds, insects, football, wedding, fireworks, etc all require different setting in the camera to bring the best out of the camera and the photo as close as possible to the real event. 

This is all about how to take a good photo of your loves one, capturing the best moment of life, sharing the nice scenery of places that you have visited. It is all about how to snap and show the beautiful pictures!


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