What kind of lens to choose

If you buy a camera that has a fixed lens (one that is permanently attached to the camera at the factory), you have no choice of optics. You either accept the lens that comes with the camera, or you find another make of camera that does have a lens that suits you. However, if you own or plan to own a camera that takes interchangeable lenses, many choices are open to you.

First consideration should be given to the types of lenses specifically designed for your camera by its maker. Sometimes the range is modest. There may some wide angle lenses, a normal focal length lens or two, and a selection of longer lenses and zoom lenses. Some manufacturer may be quite extensive and offer a lot of wide angle lenses covering a broad range of focal lengths, a few kit lenses offering different maximum apertures, many telephoto and long focus lenses, a number of zooms and an assortment of special purpose optics as well.

The more expensive the camera, especially if it was developed with professional use in mind, the more likely it is that a large integrated system of lenses and other accessories is available.

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