The best lens for the job - Normal Lens

The most useful optic for any interchangeable lens camera is the one supplied with it as standard equipment – the so called normal lens. Its versatility covers so many photographic situations that many photographers find it is the only lens they every need. Even when there is a choice between several interchangeable optics, the normal lens is often selected more frequently than all the others combined.

What is a normal lens, and why is it so named? It is called “normal” because manufacturers normally supply a lens of this type with every new camera; hence it is also referred as “kit” lens. Camera makers know that many photographers do not buy additional lenses after the purchase of a camera immediately. Therefore they provide the camera owner with a basic lens that will be useful over the widest range of photographic conditions. Even if other lenses are acquired later, the standard lens will still be the primary optical unit.

There is no such thing as a camera that is ideal for every picture taking situation. Some highly specialized models perform brilliantly under certain conditions, but less satisfactorily under others. Conversely, many cameras are designed for general use. They are not expected to be the most suitable for any one particular type of picture, but they do function well with a large variety of photographic subjects.

The same kind of situation prevails with lenses. There are many special purpose optics intended for a limited number of photographic applications. When restricted to such uses, they perform admirably. However, when employed in run of the mill situations, they may not do as well as ordinary lenses. They are also relatively expensive.


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