Technique tips: Fisheye ideas

Fisheye lenses are limited in scope. Although they have few practical applications, they are fun to experiment with. If you have access to a fisheye lens, try some of these ideas:

1. Photograph an outdoor scene from beneath an overhanging tree branch or from under a porch roof or similar structure. This is to prevent the extremely wide angle of view from leaving you wish just an expanse of sky in the upper half of your picture.

2. Make two or three tall building bend over and "put their heads together" by pointing up at them from close by.

3. Create an even closer "circle of friends" in a forest by pointing your camera straight up from the middle of a clump of trees.

4. Use the fisheye on people and animals. Results can be anything from charming to grotesque, or perhaps a little of both. Nude figure shots are often humorously fascinating.

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