Zoom versus unifocal - advantages

Compared to a unifocal lens, a zoom has several advantages. The following are some advantages of using a zoom lens:

1. You can carry just one zoom lens on your camera and still have more flexibility than three or four unifocal lenses in the same general range would give you. Therefore, you can pay less attention to equipment and more attention to taking pictures. You will be better prepared for unexpected opportunities because you won't have to keep fumbling for another lens.

2. Within limits you can control image size without moving the camera position and thereby changing the perspective. However, if a perspective change is desired, the camera can be moved and the image size restored with the zoom control.

3. Without moving the camera, you can frame and crop your pictures in the viewfinder for best composition - especially helpful with color slides.

4. You can review the effects of various focal lengths on your subject without actually interchanging lenses.

5. The image size of a moving subject can be kept under constant control.

6. Your camera can be placed at the best distance for balanced synchro-sunlight flash and the image size can be adjusted to your requirements by zooming.

7. Exploding "zoom" effects can be achieved with slow shutter speeds.

8. Even though not as convenient as a true zoom, a varifocal zoom is faster and simpler to use than a set of three or four unifocals, which would not only have to be interchanged, but would have to be refocused each time as well.

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