Lenses that stretch

Probably the most stunning modern advance in the history of optical science is the zoom lens. Because of this breakthrough today we can buy a variety of lenses that stretch their focal lengths over a wide range of magnifications while maintaining sharp focus and an amazingly high degree of optical performance, considering the complexities of their design. Therefore, we now have, separately, in various currently available optics, practically all of the characteristics of an ideal lens.

Whatever magnification range you prefer wide angle, normal or telephoto there are zoom lenses tailored to your specific needs, and many of them have convenient close focusing ability without requiring add on equipment.

The first thing to realize when you consider the purchase of any zoom lens is that it is not just another lens. it is really part of a large diverse group of lenses. All member of this group have certain common characteristics. Focal lengths, angle of view and image magnification are variable and can be altered at will, within a specific range while focus remains constant. Whether the range is large or small, all changes are smooth and continuous. However, incorporated into this basic design are a number of options that must be weighed in order to determine the single best combination for your purposes. Because there are so many choices to make in selecting the right zoom from among the dozens available, details on these several option below may help you in reaching a decision.


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