Cameras Filters

Of all the accessories that are available, filters are the cheapest, whether it is a digital camera filters, slr camera filters. Yet these simple attachments to the front of the lens or sometimes to the rear can radically alter the effect of a picture.


There is a myriad of types to choose from. As with any camera accessory, you must pay attention to a few points in order to get a satisfying result.

Some filters cut down the amount of light entering the lens to such an extent that a longer exposure is needed. If your camera has TTL metering this will not be a problem, but with other cameras you will have to adjust exposure manually. Manufacturers of filters generally state the necessary amount of exposure adjustment: this is called the filter factor.

How to use a cameras filters? With a wide angle lens, vignetting may occur when a filter is put in front of the lens. This means that the corners of the frame are cut off, because the angle of view of the lens is so great that it takes in the filter holder ring. This usually happens only with lenses of 21mm or wider.

It is possible to use more than one filter at a time, but do this only if it will enhance the image.

Some special effect filters, such as multiple image types, are fun but their use is strictly limited. Image looking at your holiday photographs and seeing them all as if through a kaleidoscope. You would quickly get bored. Even a graduated tobacco filter, which can help to lift a dull sky, would be tedious if all your pictures had this coloured sky.

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