What is camera filters?

With analogue SLR cameras, filters were considered to be one of the most important of camera accessories. Though now many of the specialties of cameras filters are replaced by application in Digital Camera application or can be done with many software applications in post processing.

Today the most useful filters I own in a polarizing filter, which can be used to reduced reflections from non metallic surfaces such as water or glass, giving a richer saturation of color, as well as for darkening a blue sky. Anyhow, below are a few cameras filters and its application.

  1. Polarizing filters eliminates or reduces reflections from nonmetallic surfaces, giving greater saturation of color, and darkens blue sky.

  2. Skylight filters reduces blue hue and adds warmth.

  3. Haze filters reduces the effect of ultraviolet light and can be used to protect the lens.

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