Getting the Best from your Lenses

Camera lenses cannot deliver all the quality built into them unless they are clean, in good working order and properly handled. This is true of camera bodies as well, for the lens/camera combination must function smoothly as a unit. Even under the best of conditions photography is full of surprises and disappointments, so it pays to minimize the risk of poor results by making sure your equipment is free from defects, well maintained and intelligently operated.

Cameras and lenses, like automobiles and other consumer products are not always in perfect working order when they arrive at a dealer. A small percentage may need a little touching up before they are at their best. A ring may need to be tightened, an index mark realigned or a mounting flanged repositioned. If you purchase a new piece of equipment and it doesn’t seem to function quite right, have it checked before the warranty runs out. A small adjustment or two may be all this is needed to put it in top shape. A matter as simple as a ground glass focusing screen installed upside down can prevent you from focusing accurately. A sticking diaphragm blade can cause inconsistent f-stops and erratic exposures. If a minor problem of some sort keeps cropping up no matter how careful you are in your picture taking, you should suspect some malfunctioning of the camera or lens. Have the equipment examined by an expert. Corrective measures are often simple and fast.

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