Technique tips: using a tripod

A tripod is more versatile than many people realize. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your tripod and techniques in using tripod.

1. Set up with one leg pointing toward the subject. The space between the other two legs will let you stand directly behind the camera without interference.

2. Set up on a stairway or sloping surface with two legs on the downhill side. Shorten the uphill leg to level the camera.

3. To use a tripod as a unipod (monopod), extend all three legs and keep them grouped together; this will provide steadier support than extending just one leg.

4. With long focal length lenses use the tripod like gun stock. Place the telescoped legs, grouped as one, against or over your shoulder with the tripod head swung to bring the camera to proper viewing position.

5. For slow shutter speeds group the telescoped legs as one and stick the feet in your belt. Or spread the short legs so one can rest on each of your shoulders and third can go in the top of your belt.



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